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B-MAX2 MR ver.3 Kit

Varenr: B-MAX2MR3

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Popular B-MAX2 MR model change! The new aluminum main chassis, which is integrated to the front of the skid plate as standard equipment, and demonstrate the good running characteristics of the response to the weapon the height of rigidity. In response to artificial turf and carpet road surface it is growing, especially in recent years, you can earn the advantage in running a high grip the road surface that will become the mainstream in the future. Also, shock bottom cap also changed, preventing blurring of shock shaft by mounting the new resin shaft guides, reduces air intrusion into the cylinder and grew stability and maintenance cycle shock absorption. ¦ New design aluminum integral main chassis (mid motor, can be selected rear motor) ¦ new design aluminum Rear Suspension mount (toe 3,3.5,4 ° selectable) ¦ cab-forward type NEW body ¦ steel turnbuckle ¦ double pad slipper clutch ¦ aluminum front brace ¦ New shock bottom cap ¦ "C-clip" universal shaft ¦ Full ball bearings ¦ paradise off-road wing ¦ pinion gear, with wheel (without tires)

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