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B-MAX2 MR ver.2 Kit

Varenr: B-MAX2MR2

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2WD ATV · B-MAX2 that based on the data obtained in a number of races, to continue constantly evolving. Corresponding to the change of evolution and road conditions of the power source, will be the B-AMX2 MR version 2 new launch of a new generation specification. Based on a selectable MR the rear motor and midship, is equipped with aluminum main chassis to increase the exercise performance. Coupled with sufficient mechanical traction, I will deliver brilliantly turning performance that run through the corner. Furthermore rear axle Giyadefu that you can change the subtle turning characteristic change of oil viscosity becomes standard equipment in, and steel bevel gear which also corresponds to big power, has two of been Ogora is aluminum idler gear. In also said that in 2013 the latest specification of version 2, please feel real thrill of off-road! ? The photograph for the prototype car, the actual product may differ. ¦ high rigidity aluminum main chassis (mid motor, can be selected rear motor) ¦ Aluminum Rear Suspension Mount (toe-3 °, 3.5 °, 4 ° can be selected) ¦ dual pad slipper clutch ¦ high precision aluminum counter gear (× 2) ¦ rear Giyadefu standard equipment ¦ High rigidity steel Defube Berugiya ¦ Big bore type "X" shock ¦ aluminum front brace ¦ hard anodized shock cap ball & shock end ball ¦ "C-clip" universal shaft ¦ Full ball bearings ¦ cab-forward type body ¦ paradise off-road wing ¦ pinion gear, with wheel (without tires)

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