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B-MAX2 RS assembly kit

Varenr: B-MAX2RS

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In fiscal 2011 JMRCA All Japan Championship mass production prototype is complete domination of, it is a further reasonable of 2WD off road car "B-MAX2" plastic damper and rear motor specifications series was also confronted by the TQ & wins and overwhelming potential in the All Japan Championship 2012 model "B-MAX2 RS" has emerged. While the rear motor specification to demonstrate the strength in low grip situations such as dirt road surface, the height of the capacity sufficient corresponding to the race level attractive. It is also possible to make midship motor specification by adding buy parts, also offers a variety of optional parts such as aluminum big bore shock. Adopted gear differential to the rear of the drive, setting the happy entry users also can reduce the frequency of maintenance. Yet for example, can change the turning characteristic by the oil that encapsulates, show us also lacy one side. Main Specifications ? Even in low-grip road surface in the rear motor specification corresponding ? new design Giyadefu specification ? resin oil shock ¦ new design mold main chassis (sold separately can be selected mid motor in parts installed) ¦ cab-forward type NEW body ¦ steel turnbuckle upper arm ¦ double pad slipper clutch ¦ aluminum front brace ¦ "C-clip" universal shaft ¦ Full ball bearings ¦ paradise off-road wing ¦ pinion gear, with wheel (without tires) SPEC total length: 380mm overall width: 248mm Wheelbase: 282mm reduction ratio: 2.6: 1 full complement Weight: about 1,600g

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