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B-MAX4 III Assembly kit

Varenr: B-MAX43G

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In JMRCA All Japan Championship and IFMAR World Championship off-road category,, 4WD off showed off a fascinating ride road car "B-MAX4?" is will debut finally. Even while taking over the suspension arm parts proven, with significant rigidity to enhance the exercise performance by aluminum main chassis, even while providing a sense of stability with a profound feeling, it has enabled a sharp cornering. Drive system is also new design, including layout. Before and after the gear box is Ogora is Giyadefu employing a metal bevel, slipper clutch also be a triple plate, and won the capacity to tell the big power of the motor to ensure that the road surface. ? The photograph for the prototype car, the actual product may differ. ¦ Aluminum hard type main chassis ¦ large "X" shock Ver.2 ¦ large capacity triple slipper clutch ¦ F / R metal bevel gear differential ¦ aluminum upper arm mount ¦ 3.5mm thick graphite damper stays (F & R) ¦ aluminum high rigidity suspension mounts ¦ Lightweight forward cabin body

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